Nutty For: Top Five Holiday Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Full Disclosure: FlipBelt sent me one of their products free of charge in collaboration with Sweat Pink. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Over the weekend, I finished up the majority of my holiday shopping. It felt GREAT. I had one thing left to get that required me to go to a super busy area of town and resulted in my car almost getting smashed by a dumb driver, but long story short, I averted that crisis.

Truth be told, unless I’m buying clothes I would almost always rather purchase something online and have it delivered to my house, specifically during this time of year. Plus, there’s a great sense of anticipation and excitement that comes from waiting for a package, even if it’s one that you’re planning to give as a gift.

top five gifts for fitness lovers

Unsurprisingly, a lot of my friends are into fitness and health like I am, which makes gifting a cinch because I already know what they like since we have similar tastes. That’s why I’m giving you this list of my top five holiday gifts for fitness lovers! Not only are these gifts great for the active guy or gal in your life, they’re also available for purchase online. If you’re scrambling because you have a fitness guru as the last person left on your holiday shopping list, look no further….

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My Experience as a Girls on the Run Coach

My Experience as a Girls on the Run Coach

“I’m so tired, I can’t wait to nap. I’m going to go into one of the toilets and nap sitting there, in the peace and quiet. People will be knocking on the door and waking me up!” Weird way to start a post? Not today. Last Sunday, I participated in the Pittsburgh Girls on the…

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when your friends move away

When Your Friends Move Away

When I graduated college in May, I knew that things were going to change. Of course, I told myself, you’re getting older. You’ll have to get a job. You won’t be able to hang out with friends during the day anymore. Weekends will be your savior. Your friends will be more than a walk down…

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11 tips for a healthy holiday season

11 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

December is upon us, which, for most people, means that the holiday season is well underway. Every year around this time, social media feeds, news stories, etc. etc. always talk about the dreaded holiday weight gain and how to avoid it. But this isn’t going to be a post touting tips like “bring all of your…

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How to Continute-Running with an Arthritic Knee

How To: Running with an Arthritic Knee

As you’re reading this, I’m either finishing my retail shift (7:30 am), just getting to my other job (9 am), or dead asleep on my bed (3:10 pm). On the bright side, I get to see the musical “Newsies” tonight… if I can stay awake! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I definitely did…

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